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Coaches and Staff

Coaching and Support Staff

Eric "Dr. Evil" West  - Calm, cool, and calculating to an almost evil genius level, Eric is the Offensive Coordinator for the Olympians. He earned his nickname by being a smart, old-school football guy who puts a modern spin on proven concepts. Eric has played and coached the game of football at multiple levels and enters the 2020 season with the goal of taking the Olympians to the National Championship.

Phillip "Pops" Threet - A defensive guru, Coach Phillip "Pops" Threet earned his nickname by being the person everyone can go to if they have a question. Coach Phil's knowledge of the game of football is uncanny and he can anticipate a play long before it happens. Coach Phil has a proven defensive system that keeps other teams wondering what the heck just happened while they pick themselves up from the backfield. A Players-Player, and a Coach's Coach, if you want to try and win against the Olympians, you have to get through Pops first.

Candice "The Enforcer" Dutcher - No play in football happens without the Offensive or Defensive Line. This is where Coach Candice Dutcher makes her presence felt and her impact known. A multi-year player and Coach on both the Offensive and Defensive Line, you will not find a better line-coach in the South Sound. Coach Candice expects the best out of her Offensive and Defensive Line and provides quality coaching to make sure plays develop correctly.

Kim "Ma" Henn - Kim Henn is the owner of the South Sound Olympians. She brings with her many years of business acumen and provides a stable environment for the team to operate. Working long hours behind the scenes, and scrambling to get all the last minute items checked off her list, there would be no team without Kim.

Juliet "The Hammer" Dutcher - Juliet is a mulit-year player who helps the coaching staff with individual coaching assignments and logistics. As a jack-of-all trades the progress of the team would slow to a crawl if not for the efforts of Juliet. Smart, quick witted, and fun to be around, she'll tell you like it is.

Alan "The Voice" LaPine: "TOUCHDOWN, OLYMPIANS!" Alan is the voice of The South Sound Olympians for the upcoming 2020 season. Alan has announced 4 seasons of women's professional tackle football and couldn't be more excited to continue with the team this season! Alan is a former radio DJ and consistently gives his time and talent to creating motivating media and making the game-time experience one fans will never forget. Throughout the South Sound you will find no one that loves the team, sport, the movement, and our fans and supporters more than Alan.

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